Code of Conduct for Faculty

College faculty follows the code of conduct prescribed by the Government of Haryana through department of Higher Education.


Code of Conduct for Teaching Staff:


*The Code of Conduct for teachers is governed by Directorate of Higher Education Haryana, Statutes, Ordinances and Service Rules.


* All members of the teaching staff are to work with honesty and integrity along with the Head of the Institution in pursuit of the Institution’s development.


* All teachers are to respect Institutional policies and practices as well as prioritise the needs of the Institution.


* Teachers are to fulfil their teaching duties with sincerity, dedication, and punctuality. In addition to teaching responsibilities, teachers are to undertake responsibilities of evaluation, invigilation and administrative work.


 * The working hours of teachers are Five hours and a half, along with any other additional duty assigned to them.


*Teachers need to sign the attendance register daily and Mark the Attendance on Biometric Attendance System (BAS) at the time of entry and exit.


* Teachers are not to take on other employment and commitments which may interfere with their professional responsibilities at the Institution.

*Teachers are to take leave as per rules with prior intimation.


*Teachers are to pursue professional growth continuously through study, research, participation in seminars, conferences.


*Teachers are to provide support and guidance to students for participating in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.


* Teachers are to provide mentoring and counselling for students facing challenges.


* Teachers are to respect the rights and dignity of every student.


* Teachers are to be fair to each student irrespective of the student’s religion, caste, socioeconomic group or social/physical identity.

* Teachers are to encourage values such as respect, peace, democracy, humanism among students.


* No member of the teaching staff is to engage in political activities within the college campus.


Code of Conduct for Non-Teaching Staff:


* The Code of Conduct for non-teaching staff is governed by the Directorate of Higher Education Haryana, Ordinances and Service Rules.


* Non-teaching Staff is to work as per the working hours determined by the Institution, with a one-hour lunch break on all working days.


* Non-teaching Staff members are need to sign the attendance register daily and Mark the Attendance on Biometric Attendance System (BAS) at the time of entry and exit.


* Non-teaching Staff members are to exhibit high standards of professionalism including honesty, sincerity, punctuality and discipline.


* Every Staff member is to maintain confidentiality with respect to student and staff records or other sensitive matter.


* All Staff members are to hold back from harassment or discrimination relating to gender, sexuality, marital status, religion etc. with regard to their colleagues, teaching faculty and students.